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How does it work?2017-10-09T22:17:43+01:00

We can work from a paper ledger or remotely from your system.
We chase the debt as though we are a department within your company. We ask that you set us up an email account on your system, creditcontrol@………….. so all emails we send are coming straight from your company email and not ours in order to retain confidentiality. All payments received continue to get paid directly into your bank account by your client, we never handle any of your money.
We send a report back to you each week with information on payments made, payments due and any other updates
We do not answer the phone or send emails as Midland Credit Control, all our phones are answered “Good morning/afternoon credit control, how can I help?”

How much will it cost?2017-10-09T22:16:52+01:00

We work out more cost effective to use than having a permanent member of staff or hiring a temp from an agency. Our charges are based on the number of debtors on your ledger.
If you would like us to chase a one off debt on your behalf then we would take a percentage of the debt as our fee and nothing else

What if I can’t get my invoices paid on time?2017-10-06T21:57:40+01:00

We work on your behalf to get your invoices paid. We can negotiate any queries, agree payment plans, put customers on temporary hold until a payment date has been established or as a last resort escalate to legal warnings for bad debtors. Our company monitoring system is also a useful tool as it will flag any warning signs that may come from your clients such as ccj’s or late filing of accounts. These can be indicators that a company may be struggling financially and we would then prioritise payment from them to help ensure you don’t get left with a bad debt.

What if I just need something temporary?2017-10-06T21:47:44+01:00

We offer extremely flexible terms so you can use us just for a short period of time to cover an increased workload or as temporary cover for staff absence. We can offer an immediate start to cover sickness, holidays or maternity/paternity cover.

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