Debt Recovery

Our Approach

Simply register your account for free and then submit your overdue invoice using the buttons below.
Our initial approach will be to send a Final Demand letter to your customer. We do this free of charge and 40% of debtors pay within a few days of receiving the letter.

If there is no payment forthcoming after the initial letter then our team of experts will work constructively with your customer to recover your payment as swiftly as possible. If full payment is not possible then we will help them to create a realistic payment plan. This will avoid any unnecessary legal costs and also protect your trading relationship whilst ensuring you are paid in the quickest possible time.

We have a simple seven-part process which we adhere to that is proven to obtain the required result

Midland Credit Control offer rapid and affordable payment recovery whilst keeping a good working relationship with your customers.

Simply fill in the form and add your invoice and let us do the rest.

Our initial letter is free and if your customer pays within 10 days of receiving our letter, we collect our fees from them.
You receive the full amount due plus any interest we recover, you only pay VAT.

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Reducing debtor days, creating healthy cashflow and minimising your financial risk.